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Rehoboth Denies Free Speech and Freedom Rally

When asked in writing for a permit to hold a beach service in Rehoboth, Pastor Robert Dekker recieved this reply:

"I am so sorry to inform you that I cannot grant your request to have church services on the public beach in Rehoboth. I cannot mix Church and State. I trust you understand. Wishing you the very best."

The church is saying "Regardless of your faith, all people should be hightly concerned over this civil rights violation" - what are your thoughts?

After being denied a "permit" for a church service on Rehoboth Beach a few weeks ago, Pastor Robert Dekker of New Covenant Presbyterian will be preaching a public sermon on July 4 at 930am entitled "A line in the sand". This sermon will be preached on the beach at the end of Rehoboth Avenue. The public is invited to assemble peacefully.

What are your thoughts?

Here's the church flier

Posted at 4:02pm on June 28, 2013 by Jared Morris

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