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CRUCIAL UPDATE: Sussex County Council in 'racist' flap. (Plus Wilson and Lower Sussex NAACP's Hovington Respond)

UPDATE 05-14-14 523pm: Sam Wilson interview:

UPDATE 545pm NAACP Lower Sussex President Jane Hovington responds to Wilson

Would you vote for these clowns again? Sussex County Council in 'racist' flap.

Sam Wilson doesn't want to give money to a group that calls African Americans 'colored people'

Vance said the group is inappropriate.. Wilson suggest that it discriminates.

I mean, on point, in this climate you have to be uber careful what words you use. Perhaps 'history' isn't a good enough reason to keep that acronym.

History isn't a good enough reason to keep marriage 'traditional'

But with people like Donald Sterling in the news on a 24/7 cycle, I don't blame Sam for wanting to be careful about what groups he supports.

Look at the former CEO of Mozilla, Lost HIS job for supporting traditional marriage 6 years before he took his job as CEO. If that can come back to haunt him, his petty donation of a grand to prop 8 in California, maybe Sam's petty grant of $100 would come back and bite him once the media elite decide that supporting an organization that uses a 'racist' term like colored people is, in itself, racist.

Joan Deaver brought the Klan and suggested Phillips would only vote bringing afforable classical music to sussex county if the musician's were white.

What's worse... the instant you mention the NAACP, The councilwoman from the Eastern side of the county's first inclination is to suggest you're a Klan member? We're not shocked by it because we're used to seeing media, politicians and managers bully language and speech. You don't want to donate money? Hater. You don't want to celebrate a cause? Bigot. You don't want to grant give money to an organization? Klan Member.

I don't know what's worse, the blatant bullying or the childish behavior from our elected officials.

This is just a chip off the greater problem, guy... The problem that our elected officials behave like baffoons.

Good for Sam for speaking up.

Listen to the audio here:

Racist/Not a racist?

Sam says:

Posted at 2:32pm on May 13, 2014 by Jared Morris

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