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Delaware 105.9 Blog: Dan Gaffney

Video: Fire at Milton Family Diner

Firefighters responded to an early morning fire in Milton, at the Milton Family Diner on Broadkill Road. Youtube user John Brobyn posted this video of the blaze...
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Revealed: Earl Bradley now incarcerated in Cheshire Connecticut

In June the State of Delaware revealed that the former pediatrician who raped and sexually abused scores of his young patients was being moved from the Vaughn Correctional Center here in Delaware to an out of state prison...
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Video takes you to The Great Delaware Kite Festival in Lewes, Delaware

One of the most beloved traditions in Delaware is the “Great Delaware Kite Festival” held every year in Lewes, at Cape Henlopen State Park. Delaware 105...
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Medical Marijuana Problems in Downstate Delaware

Now that medical marijuana has been legal and available in Delaware for some time, the program is almost useless for some folks living in Downstate Delaware...
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Will Work For Food. Begging in Sussex County

“Will work for food”, the sign says. This and other variations of cardboard signs have long been a staple in the city among the homeless, mentally disabled, street people and beggars...
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Flash of light over Dover, Delaware caught on video.

Delaware Youtube user Bill Conklin posted this amazing security camera footage of what he describes as a "fireball over Dover, Delaware" on Valentine's Day, 2016...
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What happens when the real women of Delaware are asked about Hillary Clinton for President?

The morning after a Democratic candidate town–hall style forum on CNN, The Dan Gaffney Show had a “women only” segment asking Delaware women, “How do you feel about Hillary Clinton for President?” Here is the audio; about 18 minutes, with real women and speaking honestly about Hillary…...
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I still believe Kathy McGuiness is not eligible to be a Lieutenant Governor candidate in 2016.

When I first discussed the constitutional problems with Kathy McGuiness (D-Rehoboth Beach) candidacy for Lieutenant Governor I made two key statements...
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Is the Rehoboth Mall the most depressing dead mall on Earth?

Youtube user Dan Bell has made some interesting video's of dead motels and dead shopping area's. Here is his work showing the Rehoboth Mall, and asking the question, "Is the Rehoboth Mall the most depressing dead mall on Earth"? You decide: ...
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Delaware State Police render first aid and save black suspects life.

At first this seemed like a routine police drug bust story, until I focused on the part where the police most likely saved a mans life. A suspect who is alleged to have been fleeing the police, ended up being saved by police...
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The Delaware State Police encourage increased vigilance by YOU.

The Delaware State Police send this information along about terrorism: "The Delaware State Police are very saddened about the tragic shooting in San Bernardino, California...
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Adele with her microphone isolated, no music.

Adele was on Saturday Night Live this weekend, and some genius stripped all the music out of her performance of "Hello" , just leaving her microphone, isolated and alone...
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Delaware gubernatorial candidate Lacey Lafferty threatens lawsuit against independent media outlet. Wants money…she didn’t like the opinions.

UPDATED 2:50pm 10/29/15 Lacey Lafferty responds. This is a cut and paste of her exact Facebook post: "Lacey Lafferty's statement regarding Dan Gaffney's comments on 10/29/15 WXDE 105...
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Dewey Mayor Diane Hanson's 73 year old husband charged with menacing, offensive touching and disorderly conduct by Dewey Police.

UPDATE (9/22/15): Mayor Hanson says the reports about her husband are not accurate. "Exaggerated..." and "politically motivated." She says. Complete story: http://www...
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Crab picker Hazel "Hurricane" Cropper defends herself against allegations of cheating in Crisfield contest!

DelmarvaNow reports about a “crab meat controversy” after the labor day weekend “crab picking contest”, a Crisfield tradition forever. You have to read the story and watch the DelmarvaNow video here: http://www...
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In praise of Asian Pear

This light brown skinned fruit with small dark brown freckles locally costs about $2.50 EACH….IF you can even find it. It’s called an Asian Pear, and it is absolutely delicious...
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Trapper Keeper tweets that local school can't handle the cool, after banning the iconic back to school folders.

When back to school shopping you may notice the return of the iconic “Trapper Keeper” brand of folder and notebooks which are the coolest thing since the Peanuts lunchbox...
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Sussex County cartoon depicts police as pigs. Can't people take a joke anymore?

Look, I think people are crazy and unpredictable these days, so I have no idea what the next mini-outrage and controversy is going to be so I will just ask YOU this: Is this depiction of local police as pigs just a harmless joke cartoon or an insult to the police? The cartoon comes straight from the Apple Scrapple website...
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Joint letter of understanding and peace released by Nicola Pizza and upset family.

This joint statement from Nicola Pizza and the grandmother of the young disabled baby points to a new peace after a viral internet explosion earlier this week...
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VIDEO: Funland in Rehoboth Beach featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

Funland in Rehoboth Beach was featured by CBS News yesterday during the “Sunday Morning” show. “Some of the rides, including the boats and the fire engines, have been at Funland since it opened 54 summers ago...
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