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Delaware 105.9 Blog: Susan Monday

A Must-Read Book and An Invitation

I'm always looking for my next book to read, and a friend of mine, whose daughter is a recovering heroin addict, had just finished Dreamland by Sam Quinones...
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Proud to be an Olympic-Watching American

I didn't think I was going to watch the Olympics this year. I just wasn't that interested. But then, as I was flipping the channels, I heard an Olympic preview announcing men's swimming "up next...
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Is Trump Wrong to Praise Tyrants?

Saddam Hussein, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un: Donald Trump has something positive to say about each of them, and is getting slammed in the press for doing so...
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Red Clay School District Caves In to Political Correctness

Despite pleas from alumni and national survey data indicating that a majority of Native Americans aren't offended by the Redskins moniker, the Red Clay School District voted to abolish the Redskins name for Conrad School of the Sciences...
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How Can You Praise Ali Yet Slam Muslims?

I have to agree with Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on this one: You can't praise Ali yet disparage Muslims. Note to Donald Trump: It seems hypocritical to call Ali a “truly great champion” and a “wonderful guy” yet call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering this country...
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"Redskins" Name Shot Down By Conrad Committee

A committee assembled to explore a possible name change to the mascot of the Conrad Schools of Science voted 9-4 to nix the "Redskins" moniker. It was a contentious vote with chiefs of two Native American tribes speaking out against the nickname, which critics call "culturally insensitive...
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Would You Buy/Live in a "Stigmatized" Property?

A public hearing will be held this week about a Lewes church's request to demolish the former home of convicted pedophile Dr. Earl Bradley. Bethel United Methodist Church was gifted the house after Wells Fargo wasn't able to sell it...
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Trump calls a Journalist "Beautiful." Is That Appropriate?

After a Washington Post Editorial Board meeting with Donald Trump wrapped up, a female journalist thanked the presidential candidate for taking her question...
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The North and South Come Together on Delaware Radio

I'm very excited to announce that "The Susan Monday Show" will now be heard statewide on Delaware 1059 and 1150AM and 1017FM WDEL. So what, exactly, does that mean? Listeners from all over Delaware can now be part of a "bigger" conversation...
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Size DOES Matter, Apparently

Come on, Donald Trump? You really had to take the bait from Marco Rubio about his "small hands" comment? You couldn't just let that one go? https://www...
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5-cent fee on plastic bags: Will that really get the litterers to stop?

Delaware legislators are looking to charge a five-cent fee on every plastic bag provided to customers. They say it's a way to cut down on all the bag trash that litters the state's roads and fields...
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Cottage Cafe Line-Up for Wednesday, February 24

Come out and meet some of my special guests today at the Cottage Cafe in Bethany Beach as I broadcast "The Susan Monday Show" live from 10-3. Lamar Gunn of the Central Chapter of the NAACP reacts to Dover Police Officer Webster's resignation...
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Here we go again: Delaware Gas Tax Revisited

Just when you were getting comfortable with the low prices at the pump, some Delaware legislators want to revisit the gas tax. http://www.delawareonline...
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Is it time to get rid of solitary confinement?

President Obama thinks so and says so today in an op-ed piece in the New York Times.
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Is History About to Repeat Itself?

Americans didn't want Jewish refugee children in 1939 even though we knew what was going on in Germany. We didn't want the Cubans or the Vietnamese or the Mexicans...
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Would You Give a Spit?

As many of you, I am a former high school English teacher (Dundalk High in Baltimore County). One of my former students, Nestor Aparicio, is a sports broadcaster in Baltimore and has been a guest on my show several times on sports-related and Baltimore topics (Ray Rice, Freddie Gray riots, former Ravens cheerleader Molly Shattuck)...
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Think Before You Speak: Noose Over-Reaction on UD Campus

The acting president called it a "hate crime," and sent out a campus-wide email asking for information about "such cowardly and reprehensible acts." Turns out the three items hanging from a tree on the UD campus were the remnants of paper lanterns...
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Is "opting out" still an option?

The headline in the News Journal reads: "As expected, scores plunge on tough new test." No surprise there, right? I imagine now, even MORE parents and legislators will raise a hue and cry to try to persuade Governor Markell to reverse his veto on the "opt-out" bill...
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Tipping Wars

A waitress in NJ waits on a table of 8 and doesn't get a tip. The reason? An hour-long wait for the food. In lots of other countries around the world, tipping is not automatic, and some Americans wish that's how it would be here in the United States...
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Should Public Schools Not Sponsor Football?

A health policy expert says "yes." And it all has to do with traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Stephen Gambescia of Drexel University, a guest on "The Susan Monday Show," says he's knows it's a radical idea, but the evidence supports a ban...
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