SEP Nighttime
Sundays, 7 - 10pm

talk is cheap… conversation is priceless… S.E.P NIGHTTIME… Sundays from 7-10PM… not just the same old, same old …a mischievous mix of current events with a splash of satire, a big ploppin’ dollop of useful information with just a pinch of irony… all sprinkled liberally (or conservatively if that’s your thing) with humor, wit and what, every now and then, passes for wisdom… throw in a schtickel of timeless music and you’re got talk radio redefined…daytime…nighttime… any time it’s time to open up that box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get…

About S.E.P (Scott Edward Phelps)
…author, humorist, Grammy nominated composer/songwriter/producer, award winning commercial composer/writer and top rated broadcast personality, S.E.P is a familiar voice to the listeners and callers of Delaware 105.9, often heard guest hosting during the broadcast day while also well known for creating such Delmarva commercial favorites as the Actor’s Attic “Vampire Costume With An Accent”… S.E.P broadcasts with his tongue firmly in cheek… no easy task when it comes to being understood, don’t mind tellin’ ya… check him out on Facebook (SEP Daytime…… and SEP Nighttime… also at )

S.E.P… exclusively on Delaware 105.9.

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