AUDIO: Dover officials discuss safety plans for the city, especially after recent shootings
By Joe Irizarry

Updated Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - 5:50pm

The recent shootings in Dover, including the one Wednesday morning, has put crime prevention on the forefront for city officials.

Delaware 105.9's Joe Irizarry has more.

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Police Chief Paul Bernat says the police department has been putting administrators out on the streets to get more officers on patrol.

Bernat, Mayor Robin Christiansen, City Council President David Bonar and Dover Human Relations Commission Chairman Cecil Wilson all stressed that police, city government, the public, religious organizations and other groups can work together to fight crime.

Bonar has this simple message for residents.

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Bernat does stress that with the recent incidents, the police department is doing all it can.

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Bernat adds it doesn't make sense for criminals to do business in Dover because they will pay.

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Mayor Christiansen adds there is already a small coalition to aid in raising awareness and ideas on preventing and limiting violence in Dover.

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