Local scout honored for saving cat
By Kelli Steele

Updated Friday, February 6, 2015 - 11:38am

A Webelos Scout with Cub Scout Pack 95 out of Georgetown saved his cat that was trapped in a burning fireplace and is honored by the Delaware Legislature.

9-year-old Parker Schmidt was recently presented with a Senate Tribute by Senator's Brian Pettyjohn and Gary Simpson. The Tribute honors Schmidt for his selfless bravery.

Schmidt's cat, Maggie, currently has kidney issues and her family, feeling she was going to die from kidney failure this past New Year's Eve, put her near the fire to keep her warm and to let her pass away in peace. Hours later the cat got up and pushed her way behind the screen placed in front of the fire; she then wedged herself in the back corner of the LIT fireplace.

Schmidt, who was sitting on the couch saw his cat and yelled for help; as his dad came running, Parker himself reached into the burning fireplace and pulled the cat out. He and his dad then immediately administered first-aid and pulled the hot embers off her.

Since the incident, Maggie seems to be doing much better, although her family still has to give her IV fluids and medicine everyday for kidney failure.

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