Sexual Harassment Lwsuit Settled by Red Lobster in Salisbury
By Kelli Steele

A popular Salisbury restaurant has settled a lawsuit filed by the federal government over sexual harassment allegations by three female workers.

The Daily Times newspaper is reporting that the lawsuit was filed in 2013 claiming that Red Lobster's culinary manager created a "sexually hostile and offensive work environment"; the culinary manager was accused of groping female employees, making comments involving sexual fantasies about them and making sexual advances toward them.

The newspaper says the general manager failed to stop the unwanted behavior and made vulgar and sexually charged comments himself; Red Lobster says it fired the manager in 2010 as soon as the company became aware of the allegations.

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which filed the lawsuit, the Red Lobster restaurant chain will pay $160,000 to the three woman.

The Salisbury restaurant, located on Route 13 adjacent to the Centre at Salisbury, also must educate employees on anti-discrimination laws and post a notice about the settlement.

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