AUDIO: Rep. Tim Dukes focuses on delinquent child support in weekly GOP address
By Mark Fowser

As the state of Delaware faces fiscal challenges, one area lawmaker says the impact of delinquent child support should not be overlooked.

State Representative Tim Dukes, R- Laurel, says federal figures indicate nearly $337-million in child support went unpaid in Delaware in Fiscal Year 2014...

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"Unpaid child support is a crisis for thousands of Delaware families affecting our most vulnerable population. Children not receiving support may lack even basic essentials, impacting every aspect of their lives, from their performance in the classroom to their relationships with other children."

Dukes says the GOP is working in a bipartisan way to develop legislation that would withhold money from court settlements and other financial awards and direct that money to child support obligations.

Representative Tim Dukes delivers the weekly Delaware Republican Party address.

You can see it in its entirety at

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