AUDIO: Facing investigation, IRSD board accepts district's CFO retirement request
By Jon Budler

The Indian River School Board has accepted a retirement request from Patrick Miller, the district's chief financial officer.

Miller has been on paid administrative leave since April 24, pending results of an investigations by the state auditor's office.

School board member Dr. Don Hattier tells Delaware 105.9's Dan Gaffney that state law allows him to retire.

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"He has enough time, he's got enough age. It is within his perfect right to do that," Hattier says. "Also under Delaware state law... let's say somewhere down the line it finds out he did cause a lot of problems, you cannot take his pension away from him. That is true with any state employee."

This will not be Miller's first run-in with the State Auditor. He pleaded no contest to criminal charges arising from a two-year State Auditor investigation during a stint with the Brandywine School District. Miller was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and serve a year of probation.

Miller was hired by the IRSD in 1998, but a final report was not disclosed until September 2000.

The district would be forced to keep Miller on paid administrative leave until the completion of a lengthy investigation, which could take up to two years. Hattier says state law also prevents the next person to step up to the position due to educational and certification requirements.

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"This is what we're stuck with. If Mr. Miller is allowed to retire, at least he's off our payroll which safes the district a ton of money. I believe that's what the public wants us to do."

According to public records, Miller has a salary of $162,258 this year.

The board accepted Miller's retirement request on Monday, which goes into effect June 30.

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