Police investigate Rehoboth taser incident
By Mark Fowser

A Pennsylvania couple's vacation to Rehoboth Beach results in a confrontation with police, who used a Taser to subdue a man.

He also was kicked in the head on the sidewalk April 7th, as his wife captured the incident on her cellphone.

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The man, who is from central Pennsylvania, tells a Philadelphia TV station that he's been diagnosed with a concussion.

Police were called to a Rehoboth hotel about a dispute involving the man.

Rehoboth Beach Police Chief Keith Banks says an outside agency will likely investigate the incident to determine whether the police actions were warranted.

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Banks says the man was in court Thursday and pleaded guilty to several charges including offensive touching and resisting arrest.

The incident stemmed from a call from a local motel about a man being disorderly and spitting in the lobby.


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