AUDIO: DNR warns Farmers NOT to pull the trigger on Deer without a permit
By Robert Petree

Updated Thursday, September 15, 2016 - 4:59pm

Stop Poaching Van at 911 Awarness Day Georgetown.
Farmers in an effort to save their crops are shooting and killing deer and Natural Resources Police say without a permit that's not ok.

Delaware 1059's Rob Petree has the story...

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That was Delaware Natural Resources Fish and Wildlife Police Officer Brooke Africa who went on to say that this problem has almost been exclusive to the agricultural community.

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"There's so much farming, the deer population is very abundant and the farmers do gain frustration from that, so we have what's called crop damage and we do actually have permits in the state of Delaware that the farmers are able to get which is the route that should be taken unfortunately a lot of times it's not and that's where poaching comes into play."

In the state of Delaware there are designated seasons that allow certain weapons to be used for hunting purposes, with the current season only allowing archery hunting.

If you are caught using any other weapon than a cross bow it is considered poaching you can be fined and face criminal charges.

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