AUDIO: Video- Del. Law School Dean examines new US Supreme Court term
By Mark Fowser

(Video was released Sept. 16th by the Delaware Law School at Widener University)

The US Supreme Court is back in session on this first Monday of October, and Delaware Law School Dean Rod Smolla said many interesting cases bear watching.

While cases involving religious freedom, race, voting rights and other important issues are pending, Smolla said "none of those cases are as important as we head into this term as the incredible political storm that swirls around the court."

The Court is in session with eight justices, following this year's death of Justice Antonin Scalia. Smolla said the next President, who may consider other nominations as well, will exert a lot of influence over the nation's highest court.

But, that also will work both ways.

"There is a lot of question about how far a President can go without the approval of Congress, and this court will have a heavy influence on that," Smolla said.

Dean Smolla was a guest on Delaware News at Noon.

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