UPDATED: DE Electric Co-Op Still Dealing With Power Outages; ONLY 18 Without Power Now
By Kelli Steele

Updated Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 11:47am

10:45 a.m.: Delaware Electric Co-Op Spokesman Jeremy Tucker says the Utility has had a difficult time re-energizing its lines because of the cold.

But Tucker says they are currently down to 18 outages, although that number has been changing frequently.

Tucker says they are tying circuits together, which they hope will allow the Utility to restore power and avoid problems over the next few days as temperatures remain below freezing.

At the height of today’s outage, 10,400 members were without power.

Delaware Electric Cooperative hopes to have all power restored soon and linemen will continue working until all power is turned back on.
9:50 a.m.: Delaware Electric Co-Op Spokesman Jeremy Tucker says crews have fixed the transformers in the Utility's substation, but the transformers are having trouble handling the load or the amount of electricity members are using.

Therefore, the Co-Op is trying to back feed power from other substations to areas that are in the dark, but because of the bitterly cold weather that is taking some time.

Tucker says crews are on the scenes of the outages; he says he doesn't have an estimated restoration time.

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8:45 a.m.: Delaware Electric Cooperative has gotten its transformers at its substations working again and the Utility is restoring power circuit by circuit.

Power has been restored to 6,000 of the original 10,000 customers who lost power in Sussex and Kent Counties.
8:30 a.m.: Delaware Electric Cooperative says the Utility is having problems with the large transformer at its substation near Fenwick and there is a similar problem at a substation near Lincoln.

The problems are causing sporadic power outages.

The Co-Op says 10,000 people are without power right now in Kent and Sussex Counties, including 5,600 homes between Selbyville and Fenwick Island

Crews are aware of the problems and are working to restore power ASAP.

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