Year End Crime Stats Released for OC
By Kelli Steele

Police activity in Ocean City stands at a historic high, but arrests are at an all-time low according to a year-end crime report issued by Ocean City Police.

The report, released last week to the Ocean City Mayor and Council, shows that the total number of service calls performed by the OCPD was up 17.5-percent for 2013 over 2012; the increase was due to officer-initiated actions, which rose from a total of 54,121 in 2012 to 69,743 in 2013.

Calls generated from citizen complaints were down to 21,904 from 23,857 in 2012; arrests for 2013 were down to 3,021 from 4,355 the previous year. But citations and warnings were up to 26,314 compared to 20,124 in 2012.

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