Delaware trooper arrested for Domestic Violence
By Walt Barcus

A 15 year veteran of the Delaware State Police has been arrested in connection with a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend and misuse of the Delaware Justice Information System. 38 year old Andrel Martinez of Milford was taken into custody Friday. He is assigned to Delaware State Police Troop 7 Lewes, Uniform Patrol Division with the rank of Master Corporal.

State Police launched a criminal investigation in January, after a report that Martinez had unlawfully accessed their criminal history records and also data related to this person’s relatives. Investigators immediately reviewed DELJIS records and queries conducted by Martinez and determined that the allegations raised were validated. Investigators continued their comprehensive review of Martinez’s DELJIS inquiries and discovered numerous other DELJIS violations not related to an active police investigation.
Investigators also uncovered evidence of domestic related crimes involving Martinez and his former girlfriend, a 34 year old Sussex County woman, with whom they share a 1 ½ year old child. The couple separated in March of 2013 at which time over an 8 month period, Martinez initiated numerous harassing and intimidating visits, text messages, emails, repeated phone calls, and voicemails to the victim. Martinez also utilized DELJIS to conduct queries of acquaintances of the victim and also conducted inquiries on the registrations of vehicles that were parked in his former girlfriend’s apartment complex, along with conducting inquiries into the owners of the vehicles.
He has been charged with 48 counts of Knowingly and Wrongfully Obtaining Criminal History Record Information, 11 counts of Attempted Knowingly and Wrongfully Obtaining Criminal History Record Information, and 1 count of Official Misconduct.
Martinez was also charged with the domestic incidents with Stalking and Harassment.
He was released on $62,000 Unsecured Bond and issued a no contact order with the victim. He remains suspended pending the outcome of the criminal charges.

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