AUDIO: Environmental groups want state to reconsider outfall pipe off Rehoboth Beach
By Joe Irizarry

Updated Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 6:03pm

Environmental groups from Delaware, including The Audubon Society and the Delaware chapter of Surfrider Foundation, were in Rehoboth Beach to support alternative options to the proposed ocean outfall pipe off Rehoboth Beach.

Delaware 105.9's Joe Irizarry has more.

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The proposed pipe would take the outflow from the Rehoboth Beach Sewage Treatment Plant and send it to the ocean.

David Carter is the Conservation Chair of the Delaware Audubon Society, and he says there is a better alternative.

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Those against the outfall say not only would it dirty the waters, it would also affect fish reproduction. They also point out that to protect its waters, Florida banned ocean outfall's in 2008.

The groups at Thursday's event on the surface also support the Governor's Clean Water Initiative he recently introduced, but they did say it should also include the ocean saying it would protect tourist dollars and ocean waters.

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