Crashes by the dozen in Del. following spring snowfall
By Mark Fowser

Updated Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 11:36am

Dozens of accidents in central and southern Delaware follow our surprise spring snowstorm.

After nearly six inches of snow fell in some locations, roads remained icy in many spots into the afternoon.

Delaware State Police say by late Wednesday morning there were nearly three dozen "property damage" accidents in Sussex County, a few of which resulted in minor injuries.

In one of several crashes on treacherous Route 404, a state trooper had stopped to investigate a collision when a driver lost control, slid on the ice and struck the cruiser.

The woman who was driving was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Also, a school bus driver escaped injury when the bus slid on Route 30 near Route 16 and ended up on its side.

There were no students on board at the time.

In the Georgetown area a plow ran off Zoar Road into a ditch early Wednesday evening.

In Kent County, troopers responded to about six crashes and three people in all were injured.

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