Department Of Agriculture Building Named In Honor Of Richard Cordrey
By Richard Deaver Jr.

Updated Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 3:45pm

Former state Senate President Pro Tempore and Secretary of Finance Richard S. Cordrey was honored Wednesday for his 35 years in public service to the State of Delaware with the renaming of the state Department of Agriculture headquarters in his honor. Rep. John Atkins chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and a primary sponsor of the bill said he thought this would be the proper way to honor him.

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Before being elected to the Senate, Cordrey served two years in the House of Representatives. He also served as Secretary of Finance after his retirement from the Senate. Senate Bill 249, which named the building after Cordrey, passed unanimously in both chambers during the last General Assembly Session. Cordrey, a Millsboro area farmer, is the longest-serving Senate President Pro Tempore in Delaware history, serving in that role for 20 years and as a senator for 24 years.

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