UPDATE: Victim of Possible Shark Bite ID'd
By Mark Fowser/Kelli Steele

Updated Tuesday, June 10, 2014 - 4:27pm

Photo taken from FB Page of Andrew Vance
Swimming was delayed Tuesday at Cape Henlopen State Park while water conditions were examined following a possible shark bite on Monday afternoon.

16-year-old boy Andrew Vance from Laurel was rushed to Beebe Hospital around 5 o'clock Monday afternoon to be treated for gashes to his left forearm; Vance says on his Facebook page that he received 23 stitches in his arm and that "it hurt", referring obviously to the bite. Vance also says that the shark had a three-foot head.

Vance told Parks Enforcement that he felt a tug on his left arm while standing in about five feet of water, then flailed away using his other arm to get what he believed to be a shark to release its bite.

Then, it swam away.

Lifeguards treated the boy before members of the Lewes Fire Department took him to the hospital.

Lifeguards and DNREC marine biologists plan to monitor the water for any unusual activity this morning.

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