Attorney General Candidate against cooperating with ICE, feels Delaware should be a sanctuary state

LaKresha Roberts

LaKresha Roberts, one of four Democrats running for Attorney General, says she's against cooperating with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and that Delaware should be a sanctuary state for illegal immigration. 

On Wednesday morning, Roberts appeared on the Dan Gaffney Show where she shared her position on making Delaware a sanctuary state.

"We need to, we do," Roberts said. "There are illegal individuals living in our community now, this is not something new. To the extent that they're committing criminal acts, they need to be held accountable like anyone else, but to the extent that they are students, they are working people in our communities that are contributing to our communities thriving and being diverse, that's not something that's negative and they need to feel safe."

One caller asked what Roberts' position would be if a driver committed a traffic violation and was found to be unlawfully present in the country?

"My take on this is he needs to be prosecuted based on the traffic crime," Roberts said. "The only thing that I'm against is cooperation with ICE, ya know. ICE has been very heavy handed. People commit traffic crimes everyday. Does that mean that they need to be taken away from their family, taken away from their job and removed from the country? No."

Roberts said it is illegal to enter the country without the proper permission, but that "it's not about harboring. It's about when individuals are law abiding people and they want to contribute positively to our community."

In response, Gaffney asked Roberts if being in the country unlawfully is law abiding? At which time she drew a generalized comparison to laws historically that have not been "fair."   

"Throughout history there have been circumstances where there are laws that have not necessarily been just, and have not necessarily been fair, and have really stemmed from how people are identified in regards to race and ethnicity," Roberts said. "We have to be on the right side of history."

Roberts is running against three other candidates in the Democratic primary: Kathy Jennings, Chris Johnson, and Tim Mullaney.

Delaware 105.9 reached out to all three of Roberts' opponents for their positions on the issue and so far, only Johnson has responded and said "not only do I support it, but I believe that I was the first candidate to express my support publicly along the campaign trail."

Bernard Pepukayi is running unopposed in the Republican primary for Attorney General. He also has yet to respond to our request for comment. 

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