Camden family horrified after their horse was sexually molested with a broom

Taylor Robichaud's horse Bella

Delaware State Police have launched an investigation after a Camden family had their barn broken into and one of their horses sexually molested with a broom handle.

Taylor Robichaud is the owner of Bella, a horse that her Grandmother feeds routinely each morning. When she entered the barn to feed her Thursday morning, she found the poor horse covered in blood and in severe pain.

Bella was quickly rushed to Delmarva Equine Clinic, a local animal hospital that specializes in veterinarian care for horses. 

"The horse was bleeding, all torn up, and the stall was a mess. And we have a grazing muzzle on her because if she eats too much grass it can hurt her, and they had that on her," Robichaud said. "The vet ruled it as they sexually molested her, and we believe they did it with the handle of an object, like a broom. They basically tore her insides."

While Bella will make a full recovery physically, the traumatic effects of the ordeal are likely to linger with the horse mentally, according to Robichaud who said "just like with a human, it's traumatic, it's physically and emotional abusive."

Delaware 105.9 reached out to Delaware State Police who are searching for the suspects involved in the incident that occurred sometime between the hours of 7 p.m. Wednesday and 4 a.m. Thursday at the family's barn on Pony Track Road.

"It was reported that unknown subject(s) had trespassed on the property and entered a barn where the horse was sexually assaulted," explained Cpl. Melissa Jaffe, public information officer with Delaware State Police.

Anyone with any information that will aide police in their investigation is urged to immediately contact Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-888-TIP-3333.

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