A picture of a hat sold by the Delaware GOP at the Delaware State Fair showing a country of origin tag clearly removed. (Rob Sussman/Delaware 105.9)

Delaware Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Brady says that the party will issue refunds to those who ask for them after party volunteers removed "Made in China" tags from merchandise sold by the party at their state fair booth.

The Delaware GOP sold the hats, many of which were designed to look like the official "MAGA" hats sold by President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, at their booth over the week of the fair. Delaware 105.9 listeners discovered that the hats had the "made in china" labels removed from them and spoke out.

Brady said on Monday's edition of Rob Sussman that cutting off the country of origin tags was "misleading" but not "nefarious" and that volunteers did so "because they didn't want people to say something that might be uncomfortable to them". She also added that anyone who may have felt misled by the tags could contact the Delaware Republican Party for a refund.

Brady also promised that the Delaware GOP would take steps to ensure future products are American-made.

Listen to the whole interview below:

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