Gov. Carney says parents should be apart of "gender identity" process in schools

Delaware Governor John Carney has weighed in on transgender policies for schools in the Department of Education's proposed anti-discrimination regulations.

For weeks, the proposed regulations have been met with sharp criticism from parents over the language, which would essentially allow students to change their gender identity in schools and, at the student's request, not be legally bound to notify parents.

Governor Carney, who ordered the Department of Education to draft the proposal back in July, said "parents should be a part of that conversation and decision making process."

"When you're talking about minor children, parents should be a part of that conversation and decision making process," said Gov. Carney. "It's a difficult situation for sure where parents and children are working out that particular issue."  

However, while the Governor may feel all parents should be involved, not all members of his party agree. Jesse Chadderdon, Executive Director of the Delaware Democratic Party, appeared on "The Susan Monday Show" LIVE on Delaware 105.9 and WDEL and said "there are some parents out there who really ought not to be notified," read more.

Among the proposed policies, are the rules that "school districts and charter schools would be required to work with students and families on providing access to locker rooms and bathrooms that correspond to students' "gender identity or expression."

In addition, "even if a student does not legally change his or her name, he or she can select a "preferred name" based on a "protected characteristic" that school officials would be obligated to use except on official records."

Public comments can be mailed to: Delaware Department of Education, RE: 225 Prohibition of Discrimination, Townsend Building, 401 Federal Street, Suite 2, Dover, DE 19901. They can also be sent by email to this address:

Governor Carney will take all public feedback into consideration before making a final decision on a statewide anti-discrimination policy in January.

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