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Another school referendum in the state of Delaware failed this week as voters rejected a tax hike in the Christina School District in Newark, and before the dust had a chance to settle, Delaware Democrats already started looking for ways to bypass the pesky requirement to hold referendums for tax hikes.

The new legislation, filed Thursday, comes less than a week before voters in the Indian River School District head to the polls on Tuesday for the second referendum vote in three months. The district hopes to generate new tax revenue to fund the construction of a new school. 

Indian River School District Board member, Dr. Don Hattier, says that he opposes the legislation. He says it's another attempt by the state to push more responsibility for budget shortfalls onto school boards. 

"The Delaware legislature, in general, has tried to figure out ways over the last 20 years to make us responsible for more items and to make us raise the taxes," Hattier said, "I personally am opposed to that. The legislature keeps taking money from us and then wants us to make up the shortfall."

Hear my full interview with Dr. Don Hattier by clicking here.

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