Mike Matthews resigns as DSEA president over past racist, sexist blog posts

Mike Matthews

The president of the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA) has resigned amid vulgar and offensive comments he made on his blog more than a decade ago.  

The DSEA convened an emergency meeting Wednesday, October 10, 2018, after WHYY first reported on the racist and sexist blog posts that were written by Mike Matthews between 2006 and 2009 in a blog called, "Down with Absolutes."

The posts contained sexist comments towards then-House Minority Whip Helene Keeley and former State Rep. Melanie George Smith. 

In one post, Matthews also speculated that gang rape might boost former Gov. Ruth Ann Minner's poll numbers.  Posts from the blog, despite being deleted, are still viewable via Wayback Machine.

“Regardless of the fact that these posts were created prior to Mr. Matthews becoming an educator and member of DSEA, they were completely inappropriate and contrary to the views or values of the educators who make up the DSEA," said Stephanie Ingram, vice president of DSEA in a written statement.  "Therefore, Mr. Matthews has resigned as President of DSEA.  We thank him for his service to DSEA and its membership."  

DSEA had no further comment Wednesday night.

Matthews could not be reached for comment Wednesday night, and his voicemail was full.

Ingram will now becoming the teachers' union's president for the remainder of Matthews' term, which expires in July of 2020.

DelawareCAN Executive Director Atnre Alleyne issued a statement prior to Matthews' resignation, saying he should be held "accountable" for his "demeaning and disturbing commentary."

"Without mincing words, there is no place for the type of commentary found on DSEA President Mike Matthews' old blog in our society, and especially in our education system. His remarks demean women, insult minorities and religious beliefs and joke about child molestation and gang rape. Whether these comments were made a decade ago or a day ago, they need to be met with strong repudiation and repercussions," said the former Delaware Dept. of Education staffer. "It's important we hold the highest bar for those who run our schools, who teach our children and who have a major impact on education policy decisions in our state."

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