Jim Martin

Here is a guest post from local homeless advocate, Jim Martin:

A pregnant mother, who was an isolated and fearful pedestrian, lost her life during a rainy downpour Thursday night in Georgetown. 

Tokeyia Hobbs was struck, badly injured and killed by a white van and then a yellow Volkswagen Bug during a rain storm at 9:10 PM while she crossed DuPont Boulevard. Tokeyia walked in a westerly direction from the McDonald's in Georgetown seeking cover from the rain. 

 28 year old Tokeyia Hobbs (who was also 5 months pregnant) was seeking shelter that was not available in Sussex County.  There has to be a better way to help those in a housing crisis in our County. Why should an expecting mother 5 months pregnant ever have to search for a place to lay down outside in Georgetown during a late night downpour?  Why doesn't everyone deserve a SAFE place to lay there head down at night in our Sussex County? 


I write the following paragraph through the eyes of this precious woman, Tokeyia Hobbs, who regularly attended our Thursday Free lunch for the homeless, hungry or lonely up the street from here on N. Bedford Street.


It is around 9 pm and I am worn out. It is Thursday, July 11th and I have been walking around every where today. I have my normal concerns of a typical day of being a homeless 28 year old woman but I am also 5 months pregnant. I am more tired now that I am carrying another little person inside me.  I am hoping someone allows me to sleep inside somewhere at the Classic Motel. I tried to get something worked out earlier but it didn't materialize. The humid night is closing in on me now and I don't have a place to go. I search for a spot outside that I can lay down. It is out of sight but outside with no cover. But it will have to do because I am exhausted now.  I have been doing this night after night since I lost my place a few weeks ago. I hope I can see my twin boys soon. I miss them so much. I begin to fall asleep but it starts to rain, a pouring rain this time. I can't just lay here and get soaking wet. I was at the McDonald's but I can't go back there now. Maybe I can go back to the Classic Motel and at least get inside somewhere out of the rain. I get up. It is raining. It is really raining now.  I better make a dash for it quickly..........


Tokeyia Hobbs Born January 24, 1991 died July 11 2019. She was 28 years old with 3 boys and another baby on the way. Her boys are 2, 2 and 4.  She was homeless with a heart of gold as she is remembered by her friends. 


Let us pray for all the Tokeyia's who struggle every day in Sussex County just to meet basic needs of shelter and food.  Let us pray for comfort and peace for all of Tokeyia's family, friends and support network.

-Jim Martin

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