wawa suspect

A search for a suspected Wawa soda fountain drink thief is sparking critiques of the Delaware State Police.

The Delaware State Police responded to a Wawa in Rehoboth Beach after a women is alleged to have filled three cups of soda from the fountain and then leaving the store without paying.  Within hours of the event the State Police had a surveillance photo posted on social media with the request for the public's help to identify the suspect.

"*Attempt to ID* - Troopers seek the public’s assistance in attempting to identify the pictured suspect who is wanted in connection with a shoplifting. On 05/06/2019 at approximately 9:57 a.m., the pictured suspect entered the Wawa located at 30155 Veterans Way, Rehoboth Beach. The suspect filled up three cups of soda and left without rendering payment. The suspect left in a newer model Jeep Cherokee dark in color with a Florida or Georgia partial registration CLE. Anyone with information in reference to the suspect’s identity is asked to please contact Troop 7, Corporal Langdon at 302-644-5020. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware crime stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333"

The SUSPECT HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED BY THE POLICE, but not before these critiques on the State Police Facebook page:

"Seriously? Unreal! This is what our tax dollars is working on?!?! "

"Wow. Delaware state police. Congrats, you are now making a mockery of this fb identification thing

You'll be lucky to have anyone help you identify anyone at all now. stooping to the 3 refills level, just wow. I think you ought to spend funds on something else."

"Really??!!?? DSP has the audacity to post something like this about soda? Meanwhile in the back of the parking lot there's a drug deal going on but let's focus on the soda thief!!! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!"

"I realize a crime is a crime and shouldn’t be tolerated. But, 3 sodas cost about $0.15 to Wawa’s bottom line and maybe $6 retail.

The time it took the police to go to the scene, Wawa to give them the pic, write this post, etc.... Probably cost hundreds of dollars of productivity/salary over $0.15.... Kinda feels like a waste of tax dollars that could of been spent on much better things."

"This is going way too far DSP. You wouldn't even show up if you got a call about a theft of $3.00, so why post this video. Her husband may have paid for them while he was paying for gas. Really??? I don't think that someone driving a new model Jeep out of State, purposely shoplifted some soda. Get over it WAWA...."

The Facebook post received over 400 comments and hundreds of shares both pro and con on the issue.

Many expressed positive comment about the police:

"I'm okay with the DSP pursuing this - its petty, but you can bet this isn't the first thing this woman has stolen. Plus it tell others its not okay to steal anything."

I agree with that comment, and would not jump on the police for this.  I wonder if the negative commenters are also the type to think it is ok to take fountain drinks?

I also believe the State Police have REASONS for what they do they we are not always aware of.

No word from the police on whether any charges have actually been filed in this case.

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