The Delaware Department of Justice has asked the court system to declare a motel just outside Wilmington a nuisance property after police have been sent there more that 430 times since January 2017. 

According to DOJ officials, authorities filed a complaint on May 10 asking that the Fairview Inn along South Market Street be declared a criminal nuisance and that the owners of the property, NAB Motel Inc., be held responsible for five counts of maintaining a nuisance and be required to reduce the occurrence of crime at the property. 


A property adjacent to the inn, formerly the Gold Club, was closed in March 2016 following a nuisance abatement action filed by the DOJ in November 2015. 

The DOJ said police have been dispatched to the motel 434 times since January 4, 2017, and has been the site of criminal activities ranging from drug activity to prostitution to robbery and assault, authorities said. At least seven overdoses have occurred at the location in that time, and at least once, the overdose victim purchased the drugs on the property, officials said. 

"The State’s complaint requests that the Court declare the property a criminal nuisance, grant temporary and permanent nuisance abatement relief, and issue civil penalties pursuant to Delaware law, in addition to other remedies that the Court deems to be fair and just." the department said in a release Wednesday.