Dominican Republic Reviving Santo Domingo

In this April 5, 2017 photo, men fish at Fray Anton de Montesinos beach in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The colonization of the Americas began in Santo Domingo, which was founded in 1496 by Christopher Columbus' brother Bartolome and features the continent's first cathedral, first hospital and first university. (AP Photo/Tatiana Fernandez)

Officials are investigating the death of another U.S. citizen in the Dominican Republic.

The State Department confirmed with NBC News that a U.S. citizen died in the Dominican Republic this month. Other news outlets identified the victim as a New Jersey man who died on June 13, though the spokesperson with the U.S. Department of State did not confirm this.

“We offer our sincerest condolences to the family for their loss,” the spokesperson said. “Out of respect for the family during this difficult time, we do not have additional information to provide.”

The victim is the ninth American to die in the Dominican Republic within the past year and a half, according to NBC News. Local government authorities have promised they’re working with U.S. authorities to investigate the recent deaths of three U.S. tourists in Bahia Principe resorts in La Romana and in Punta Cana in May, while saying the cases are “unrelated and isolated.”

Another American woman also died at the Excellence resort in Punta Cana earlier this month.

News of the deaths prompted other American families to share similar stories of their loved ones mysteriously dying while staying at resorts in the Dominican Republic. At least half a dozen people reportedly fell ill while staying at resorts and at least two of them died after drinking from minibars, family members said.

The deaths, along with the shooting of former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and the beating of a Wilmington woman in a Punta Cana resort back in January, have raised safety concerns among those planning to visit the island.

Despite this, news of the deaths and violence have not led to a slew of canceled trips, according to some industry experts. They also said however that a snapshot of the overall impact on tourism in the Dominican Republic won't be clear until the government issues its next report in the fall.