newark municipal building

Newark Municipal Building. (WDEL File)

If you're in a restaurant in Newark and you want a plastic straw for your drink, you'll now have to ask for one.

Newark City Council Monday night unanimously passed a motion to make plastic straws available by request only in the city's restaurants.

Before the vote was taken, District 2 Councilwoman Jennifer Wallace seemed to say some of those opposed to limiting availability of the straws, or banning them altogether, suffer from a psychological problem.

"Oppositional Defiance Disorder..teenagers tend to suffer from that..some people don't grow out of it," said Wallace.

District 1 Councilman James Horning said he needed to learn more about the proposal.

"I need to see more information in terms of the fiscal impact and expense of either enforcement, or even what the resources are going to be to conduct the outreach," said Horning.

District 2 resident Paul Tillman called a by-request policy the right move, because to drink safely, some disabled people need the straws.

"A metal reusable straw's not gonna help them, because they'll impale themselves on it--a plastic straw's gonna be too wimpy--sorry, a paper straw's gonna be too wimpy, so for some people, plastic straws are still the right solution," said Tillman.

Proponents of a ban say the straws are harming the environment because they don't break down after they're used--opponents say the straws' environmental impact is comparatively insignificant.