It's an end of an era for two city schools in the Christina School District as they are closing as part of the Wilmington Schools Partnership.

As the last buses carrying students left Elbert-Palmer Elementary School for the final time, on Tuesday June 11, 2019, students, staff, and teachers waved goodbye. Those kids staying in the city will be going to school at Bancroft next school year.

As for the teachers, their last day is on Thursday.

The same applies for Pulaski Elementary School, while most kids attending that school will be transferred to Bayard. That's part of the Wilmington Schools Partnership deal the district made with the state.

For some it was a sad day.

Sher Arroyo is the parent of two kids who went to Elbert-Palmer, and she's among those saddened by its close.

"My kids have been going here since preschool," said an emotional Arroyo. "They've been here for over six/seven years now. It's sad to see the school close."

For others, it wasn't a sad day.

Charlayne Thomas, used to attend the school, and she believes for safety reasons it's time for the school to close.

"I'm glad they are closing because the people that hang out at the back of the corner and across the park and all of the shootings that have been happening," said Thomas.

As for those inside the school, it was bittersweet according to Acting Principal Krystal Greenfield. She said that because they're sad that the school is closing, but they're looking forward for many of the students to have a big future in the district.

Elbert-Palmer staff

Elbert-Palmer Elementary School staff and teachers take a picture on the last day for students, on June 11, 2019. 

She did say the last week has been tough for many.

"The reality has set in, and our students, families and teachers especially those that have been in the building for 10 or 15 years, multi-generational, have become a little sad," said Greenfield.

Greenfield said the last few days at Elbert-Palmer were not sad, though.

"We've had a really good time, really excited to wrap it up and have a good time, and show our students what it's like to be a family," said Greenfield.

Which included a lunch on Monday with all of the staff and students, they decorated cupcakes and spent time talking with each other.