Troy Haynes gets company after his Kidney Surgery

Troy Haynes (bottom) receives a visit from B+ Foundation President Joe McDonough (left), Woodbridge coach Jed Bell, former Woodbridge teammate Shymere Vessels, and Philadelphia Eagle Paul Worrilow at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia

Woodbridge QB Troy Haynes is beginning his recovery after undergoing surgery to remove a cancerous kidney on Friday at Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Haynes, a 2-time state champion who had committed to Division III power Mount Union next fall, needed the surgery after sudden pain last month led to a diagnosis of cancerous cells on his kidney, that had to be removed.

That surgery took place in a 9-hour procedure planned to be done robotically, but due to complications, Troy had to be cut open open.

According to a GoFundMe Page organized by Woodbridge's Football Program, doctors have confirmed to the family that his cancer, originally thought to be Stage 3, is at stage 4, having spread to other nearby organs. Additional testing will take place to determine treatments will come next. 

Troy felt strong enough Monday that he received a visit from former Concord standout, and current Eagles LB Paul Worrilow, along with Joe McDonough of the B+ Foundation and some of his Woodbridge coaches and teammates.

The GoFundMe Page to support him and his family has now reached over $27,000 in just 16 days since the diagnosis. The proceeds will go towards paying for Friday's surgery, and the ongoing treatments as Doctors look to rid him of any remaining cancerous cells.

The "Fight Like 4" mantra has been shared around the state, with multiple high schools, including his former rivals, stepping up to support Troy.